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International collaboration with top quality researchers and professionals is also a part of mission strategy of CoE-CRT to transfer technology and mutual sharing of knowledge to solve concrete engineering problems more efficiently. CoE-CRT is on the way and striving for support to achieve its vision and mission by growing as an internaionally recognized center in concrete technology. In summary, it will provide research environment for top researchers to assess and solve engineering problems and develop products and services with intention to transfer knowledge and expertise by holding public events/conferences/seminars and post-graduate studies and by collaborating with other research institutions in the Kingdom as well as international research centers, universities and companies.

On behalf of Center of Excellence for Concrete Research and Testing, King Saud University, it is a great pleasure for me to invite international researchers and students to join our program for Master's / Doctoral degree in the fields of concrete research. The institute offers international students a special graduate program in which lectures and research supervisions are given in English as well as in Arabic and full scholarships are available from Kingdom through the management of KSU. CoE-CRT was established in 2007 by rallying researchers with a wide variety of specialities in concrete engineering. It aims to seek for thorough solutions to varioud reinforced concrete problems in the world through research and education. Each member can make his/her own curriculum by selecting suitable courses among the wide variety on offer.

Structural and environmental loadings with respect to concrete durability problems of regional to global scales are becoming more and more complicated with the passage of time and further development and enhancement of technology. Also the interactions among people of various interests are of essential importance. CoE-CRT is trying to function as a hub institute of concrete research and testing in the gulf region for establishing a global network. People as well as information will meet together and interact in this institute and all students/researchers in the institute can join this challenging network.

I sincerely look forward to receiving applications from highly-motivated and well-qualified candidates from all over the world.

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